The Viennese Way to Elegance
A Different Kind of Workout

Our appearance matters, our movements count! With her appealing NIMBLE method, Kiki works wonders to enhance our elegance in both.--Gabriele Albeseder, Image and Styling Consultant, Coach and Trainer

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  • Numerous Ideal Movements for the Body for Lifelong Elegance, Enhancement, Enrichment and Enjoyment

    Is there a right way to walk? To stand? To use your body?

    Based on Ismakogie, a doctrine of movement created by Anne Seidel in Vienna and meant to aid our everyday activities, the Nimble way of movement makes us conscious of the harmonious interaction of our body’s musculature.

    You will see that even minuscule exercises within the Nimble system can create a chain reaction in the muscles that not only have a positive influence on your outward appearance, but also on the functions of your entire body.

    Nimble aims to keep you agile, flexible and elegant at any age. Because you will learn how to use your body the correct way, you will appear and feel younger, slimmer and full of life. Your facial muscles will tighten up, your belly will automatically flatten and your rear will become firmer. Your whole attitude will change as your self-esteem increases.

    You can practice this method throughout the day without special equipment or clothing, regardless of your age or fitness level. Even if you feel like you have two left feet, anyone can do this – one step at a time.

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    I was pleasantly surprised how easily and joyfully I integrated NIMBLE into my busy lifestyle. I have benefited from it immeasurably and encourage my clients to experience NIMBLE themselves.

    Susanne Nebowitzky, Presentation Coach and Trainer

  • Nimble has been featured on, click here to read.

    Nimble – The Viennese Way to Elegance

    My first inspiration to create Nimble came many years ago in Vienna, Austria, where I was born. I had the good fortune to be introduced to something called Ismakogie, created by Professor Anne Seidel, a tiny woman full of energy, astonishing vigor and brilliant insights.

    After studying with Professor Seidel, as well as members of her circle, I came to love and respect this method featuring alignment and posture in our everyday lives.

    Even though the original Ismakogie entails many physical dimensions, I chose to highlight those emphasizing elegance and incorporated them in my own method called Nimble, which stands for Numerous Ideal Movements for the Body for Lifelong Elegance, Enhancement, Enrichment and Enjoyment.

    Please join me on the way to elegance!

    Kiki Markovits

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    Kiki was born in Vienna, Austria, where she worked as a management trainer at the country’s biggest bank. She moved to the United States in 1997 and has lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ever since with her husband, Andy, and many golden retrievers, including Cody, the current family member. Kiki has always had an interest in body movements. She studied ballet, Eurythmy and Ismakogie for a long time. She is now a certified Ismakogie teacher and holds a master practitioner degree in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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    I cannot thank Kiki enough for preparing me so wonderfully for my much-dreaded television appearance. Fearing that my physical awkwardness would overshadow my professional expertise, I turned to NIMBLE for help. I cannot express my appreciation enough!

    Karl-Heinz Fritsche, Head of IT Department

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    Now that you’ve finally found it, how will you show it off with elegance? How will you move? How will you walk? How will you sit while still looking stunning?

    Define your elegance with Nimble! In a two-hour personal session, I can show you how to move elegantly in your fabulous dress, while remaining comfortable, making you even more radiant and glamorous.

    With my European-based method, Nimble, I can teach you the skills to be nimble and elegant on your special day – and beyond.

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